Pumpkin Run and Corn Ma(i)ze Purgatory 2010

I now present, without further comment, the video diary of the Olsson family’s trip to Cagle’s Dairy to pick up Halloween pumpkins and the ensuing contest between the kids and the grown-ups to race through the “corn ma(i)ze.” I won’t tell you who won, but let’s just say on at least one of the teams, things got rather ugly and desperate. Here is the visual record (please be patient, this will take some time to load off our own little tiny Internet connection):

[pro-player width=’432′ height=’290′ type=’video’]/multimedia/CaglesDairyFarm.ffm.mp4[/pro-player]

One thought on “Pumpkin Run and Corn Ma(i)ze Purgatory 2010

  1. HAHA, this was so cute. The kids look so grown up. Liz you look fantastic keep it up girl!!!


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