Exciting news – times 2!

Jack has been in his Chess Club at school since 1st grade.  He really enjoys it and is learning a lot.  They play games I’ve never even heard of before (Bughouse anyone?) and he can totally kick my butt when he tries to.  Twice a year, Chess Club gives trophies out to the kids, and they are one of these “every kid gets a trophy” kind of groups (I won’t get into my feelings on that).  And our little guy won the 2010 Blitz Champion trophy!  “Blitz” is speed chess, with the timer gadget.  His trophy isn’t even grade specific, so that means that he even beat out some big kids.  We are really proud of him.

Our second dose of exciting news is that Meredith won her class spelling bee, and got to participate in the school-wide spelling bee which is open to all 4th and 5th graders.  And she won that one too!!  She practiced at home with us a lot, and was very nervous on the morning of the bee.  I couldn’t be there, but Lars live-texted it to me at work.  I never knew spelling bees could be so exciting!  This Thursday night, she goes to the county spelling bee….if that goes well, it’s on to state and then the actual, honest-to-goodness national spelling bee!  Wow!

We are lucky to have such terrific kids. 🙂