Generic update

I can’t believe the last Olsson family update was in January of this year. Now the year is almost half gone and we are 10 (school) days from summer vacation. We’ve had a visit from Grandma, lots of work done on our house (new hardwoods, built in cabinetry in the living room, new furniture, and most excitingly a new toilet – whoo hoo!), visits from friends that live far away and lots of exciting things for the kids.

Beth got an iPad for Christmas in April (that’s a new holiday, be sure to mark you calendars) and she is in love all over again.  It truly rocks.  She actually got to play in the dirt this year (after missing it all last spring during surgery-recovery) so she’s usually out back getting grubby.  However, no one will complain when the flowers are blooming and the veggies are on dinner plates.

Lars has been doing some really interesting (and time consuming) volunteer work helping to put together strategic talking points for Democratic Congress-Folk.  He also gotten some really great visibility for his political blog – not to mention some great shout outs for being such a great overall guy – from some pretty well known progressives in the political blogosphere.  He was actually on a call with Charlie Rangel (D-NY) last week.  Beth continues to be very impressed, and really, really proud of the work he’s doing.

Jack's Big-A** Chess Trophy

The kids are doing awesome in school and in chess, tennis, spelling competitions, art, etc. etc.  Jack had his introduction to orthodontia with some appliance thing put in that we hope will help to avoid full on braces in the future.  At the risk of turning this into a Christmas Card newsletter, I’ll just put a link in to a whole boatload of pictures, and put some captions on them. Peruse at your leisure.


A week after school is out, Meredith is finally going to get to go on her dude ranch trip with Beth. We’ll leave the details for later, but suffice to say, Meri has been waiting for this trip for 7 years. Hopefully it lives up the dream.

Not long after that, Jack and Lars are going to visit Grandma in San Diego. We keep telling Jack that Grandma’s making a nice long list of chores for him to do while he’s there – weeding the garden, cleaning out the garage – but for some reason, he doesn’t believe us.

Enjoy the pictures at this link. 🙂