Grandma’s Birthday at Balboa Park

For Grandma’s actual birthday (June 30th), we decided not to try to do too much (like a long trip to Legoland, etc.), because Uncle Bruce and Dad were going to cook Grandma a special birthday dinner. Alas, Dad was too busy cooking to take any pictures of the actual event itself (perhaps Uncle Bruce can help with this?). However, we do have some pictures from our leisurely trip to Balboa Park earlier that afternoon. We went to the museum of natural history, and walked along the plaza, and also by the koi pond. Balboa Park is very beautiful (especially on such a great summer day); I highly recommend anyone visiting San Diego to think about spending TWO days there. You’ll need an entire one just for the zoo, and after you get a look at the park (and the museums it has to offer), you’ll want at least one more for those. We didn’t get a ton of pictures from this day (Thursday June 30th), but you can get a good idea from just these:

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