Skate Fiend!

jack on half pipe


Like most kids, Jack and Meredith have had quite a cornucopia of extracurricular activities over time: everything from gymnastics to soccer to painting to piano (even fencing, once!). Some of these have become favorites and have been continued, others were one-season only. But there’s one activity that gets kind of short shrift around here, not because we don’t like it, but because it doesn’t really have formal classes (that we can find, so far). It’s skateboarding.

I used to skateboard quite a bit (also, surf…but that’s a bit more difficult here in north GA, 5 hours from the nearest ocean) when I was a kid in San Diego. So I want to make clear that I did not push Jack into skateboarding in the slightest. It’s not as if dad is trying to relive his childhood vicariously through his son. Jack actually took to skateboarding completely on his own when he was over at a friend’s house one day…and he’s never looked back.

Despite having not suggested the activity or pushed Jack to try it in any, though, frankly, I couldn’t be happier. We all couldn’t. For an activity that has had to be almost entirely self-motivated, Jack has shown enormous dedication and persistence, learning the terms, practicing for hours on end in our garage, begging dad, mom, or whoever was available with a car to take him to the skate park(s). And he’s gotten better. A LOT better. Behold (apologies in advance for the vertical video):

One thought on “Skate Fiend!

  1. Wow, Jack. That looks a lot better (more advanced) then when you were here. Haven’t broken any more teeth have you? 😉

    Love you,

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