Crafty Jack Wins October

Jack with 'insert candy here' sign

Fire away!

Every year, the city of Roswell has an annual Youth Day Parade in the fall. There’s floats from various civic and community groups (schools, organizations, etc.) which wind down about a mile-long stretch of old Canton Street. As they pass, it’s a tradition for many – even most – of the parade-floats/marchers to toss candy to the people watching on either side of the street. I assume this is because October is also the month wherein another major candy-acquisition holiday also occurs, so the city father decided, in their wisdom, to see how many diabetic comas they could cause in one month.

But whatever the reason, it’s something my kids look forward to every year. This year was no different…at first. As we were gathering up our stainless mugs of coffee and folding chairs (for us old folks), Jack suddenly dashed off and got a thick piece of styrofoam that had been part of the packaging of some large thing we’d had shipped to us a while back, grabbed a Sharpie and wrote “Insert candy here” on it, with an arrow pointing down. Then, he got a leftover cardboard box, and, well, you can see the results (click for larger image).

The kids always clean up in the candy department on Youth Day Parade day…but this time, all the people passing by were laughing and taking pictures of Jack…and throwing absolute gobs of candy. That box – which must have been nine or ten inches square – was probably at least half full. You couldn’t have carried it by its flaps, or it would have ripped. We’re going to have candy until 2020!!