Three cheers for our girl!!

So, some of you may recall the fiasco that was Junior National Young Leaders Conference a couple of years ago (brief recap:  Meredith was actually nominated by a teacher…who didn’t know what the deal really was.  In the course of researching it, I was able to register our dog, Hammie, up to the point of sending payment.  So much for elite, exclusive and “select”).  After such a disappointment, Lars and I were a little (more than a little) skeptical about another academic nomination that Meredith brought home a few weeks ago.  But this one has checked out!  Her science teacher nominated Meredith for the Billy Lancaster Forestry Youth Camp. 

This Camp provides an indoor and outdoor classroom for energetic, inquisitive students to learn about forestry, wildlife, ecology, tree identification, fire protection, forest products and the people who manage these resources in Georgia’s vast forests. It was founded in 1988 by Billy Lancaster and is sponsored by the Georgia Division of the Society of American Foresters.

Most public schools in Georgia nominate just one student to attend – and for Crabapple Middle School….it was our girl!  And since we all know Meredith is really just a forest sprite disguised as a human child, she couldn’t be more excited about spending a few days in the woods.  AND they have horse back riding and lake activities.  Does it get any better than this?

You can read more about the program and the camp here.  We are so proud of her!!