photo of Meredith at just past two years of age

Meredith On the Wall at Montclair Park

So today, we were cleaning out the basement. Some of that stuff has been down there for quite some time, given that it tends to be where we put the stuff we no longer use but can’t bring ourselves to throw away. In cleaning out the old desk and getting it ready to sell or give away (anyone want a desk?), I came across this old DVD labeled simply “iPhoto Digital Library, Feb. ’03 – Sept. ’04.”


photo of Meredith as a toddler

Like An Angel…Kinda

In other words, this covers the period from about four months before we left California for Georgia up until about a year after we’d moved into our current house. Talk about a time of changes and upheaval! I don’t even remember archiving these photos onto disk, but I must have at some point. And man, what a long-forgotten trove of memories it was to dig down into some of these folders. Here’s Meredith, from mid-March of 2003, at Montclair park, the little park we used to take her (and, briefly, Jack) to when she was itty-bitty. Check ’em out (and click to embiggen). Quite a beautiful little girl, wasn’t she (and yes, I’m biased)? So much water under the bridge, such a long time ago.