Technical Assistance

If you’ve found your way here, then you’re probably confused about one or more things on this site; how to get around, how to get our content delivered to you (without you having to continually open up your browser and enter “” into the address bar, etc.)

Whatever your question is, you’ve come to the right page. Below is a set of questions. Click on any one to get the answer or a discussion of that issue:

Additional note, 12/2/13: If you’re at this page because you’re wondering where the link is to register for this site, well…we had to remove it. WordPress offers two options for the administrator: “anyone can register” means exactly what it sounds like – anyone who finds this blog and clicks on “register” can create an account. The other option is simply, no registration at all. We can still create accounts for people manually, and we’d be happy to do that if we know you. Just send us a quick email requesting your login name (and password), and we’ll set it up and send you a reply when your account is created.

If you don’t want to go through the hassle of creating yet one more account in this age of too many logins and passwords, no problem: you can still comment on posts if you like, but if you haven’t commented before (or in a long time), there may be a short delay while your comment is moderated and approved (that way, we don’t simply exchange the problem of registration-spam for comment-spam). Sorry for the inconvenience.